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What we fund

The Vectren Foundation strives to become a community catalyst, focusing support on those requests that fit into one or more of the strategic areas of focus listed below.

Community Development
We believe strong communities are essential to personal, economic
and social growth.

Appropriate funding requests include those, which focus on:

  • Conducting programs & activities that measurably advance community improvement, economic development, energy efficient, affordable housing, and civic planning.
  • Leveraging company resources to restore and maintain our communities/neighborhoods by promoting sustainable economic and community projects that allow our communities to grow & prosper.
  • Revitalizing the economic core of a community does not automatically imply re-building. Finding new uses can be the catalyst for renovation.

Energy Conservation & Environmental Stewardship
We believe everyone can play a part in the preservation of natural resources and energy conservation.

Appropriate funding requests include those, which focus on:

  • Assisting our customers in addressing the rise in energy costs by making smarter energy choices and, thus, lowering impacts on the environment.
  • Driving long-term conservation behaviors and practices.
  • Preserving or restoring natural resources in our service areas.
  • Increasing access to – or interaction with – natural resource areas throughout our service areas.
  • Fostering responsible stewardship of our natural and environmental resources.

We believe that a skilled and educated workforce is vital to the sustainability of our communities.

Appropriate funding requests include those, which focus on:

  • Elevating the quality and quantity of an educated workforce through strategies that measurably advance life-long learning and professional development.
  • Enhancing student performance, grade-level readiness, literacy, mentoring, and experiential learning.
  • Fostering innovation and developing future leaders.
View the Vectren Foundation Annual Report

Download the Annual Report Download the Foundation Annual Report for a glimpse at the positive developments in our communities in the previous year. click here (PDF 5MB)